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Category Solid Boulder Opal Silver Earrings
Settings Silver, Boulder opal
Stone Weight  2 x3 carats
Stone Dimensions 18mm x 6mm
Total Piece Size 38mmx 11mm
Colour Sky Blue
Origin Winton, Central Queensland, Australia

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Graceful and sophisticated.

The charm of Opal jewellery is irresistible and it can add amazing splendor to the personality of the wearer. 
Opal earrings make best gifts to women and Opal rings are highly classy.

The beauty of Opal pendants and Opal necklaces can make any neckline look sexy. Be it a formal event or a casual day out Opal Jewellery including Opal bracelets, Opal rings, Opal earrings, Opal necklaces or Opal pendants can add superb elegance to the entire look of the wearer. 
Opal jewellery is really pretty and attractive but very few people actually know about the mystical properties of this stylish gemstone.

About Us

 As multifaceted as the opal itself, the Taranto family offer their story as testimony to the genuine nature of their product, without middle men, without models, without mark ups.

Two generations of Taranto family opal miners still live where the gemstone is mined, overseeing the mining and maintenance of the home of the opal – Australia’s legendary outback.

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Opal Classification

Opal is a gemstone consisting of hydrated amorphous silica with the chemical formula SiO2.nH2O. There are two basic forms of opal described by visual appearance.

 Precious Opal - is opal which exhibits the phenomenon known as play-of-colour, produced by the diffraction of white light through a micro-structure of orderly arrayed silica spheres to produce changing spectral hues..

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Why buy Opals from Taranto Opal?

Taranto Opal is committed to providing goods of superior craftsmanship and quality.Our jewellery products are guaranteed to be free of original manufacturing defects and our Opals are carefully examined for defects prior to release.
If a manufacturing defect is found upon inspection by our jeweller we will have the item repaired or replaced at our discretion, free of charge provided it is returned with your receipt within 30 days of purchase.

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